Egg Wash SprayerS

All HAYON Automatic Sprayers are designed to spray egg wash in addition to most any brand of liquid to semi-solid products, glazes, flavored oils.

Features & Benefits

  1. Sprays any liquid to semi-solid pan grease
  2. Sprays egg wash
  3. Sprays flavored oils
  4. Sprays liquid Preservatives
  5. Glazes bakery products
  6. Coats special icings
  7. Takes any size pan and only greases the inside

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Customer Testimonials

" We save approximately 5 hours of labor per day and $1,000 in oil cans per month. Not only will both machines be paid off within the first year of operation but we will be able to raise our profitability after that by about $2,000 per month "

Peter Kayfetz-Gaum
Santa Barbara Baking Company

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